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Have you guys heard of featurepoints? 


You download the featurepoints app and it gives you a list of apps to download and play for a minute or so and it gives you points for each app. You can eventually redeem them for iTunes, amazon, or paypal gift cards. Each app you an extra opportunity to win an iPad. I know this sounds like a scam but you can make a lot of money for playing apps like candy crush and spottily. I HAVE MADE OVER $200!!!! 


Follow this link and use the referral code 16ENAS to get 50 bonus points to start out!

If you have any questions, inbox me!

how to make some EasY mONey!  


Alright so there’s this app that helps you make money and its really easy and completely free and all you have to do, is “test” free apps (I do it during class all the time, it’s /that/ easy). Earn points for checking out apps, and then turn those points into money for paypal, itunes giftcards, starbucks giftcards or amazon gift cards (there’s like a whole bunch of things you can get) 

All you have to do, is download a featured app (free) and then have the app open for about a minute (make sure you receive your points) then you can delete the app off your phone or tablet!

I started it about a month ago and have received $80 to my paypal account (then to my bank account) but you can keep it on paypal and shop online and stuff like that :)


click this link on your phone or tablet (not computer) (i swear you guys its completely safe and won’t damage anything) or download the app (free) called “FEATURE POINTS” and type in this code: 16ENAS to get 50 free points!

if you have any questions, message me or tweet me @darthniall ! 

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The Worst Jeans You've Ever Seen 

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read this on how you can make free money 

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I Need A Minute - Imagine Dragons

download link x

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